The Bathtub Replacement Service You Can Rely On

Do you see a lot of cracks in your bathtub? Do you feel some rough areas when you are using it? If you notice these things, maybe its time to replace your bathtub. When it comes to bathtub replacement, you can rely on Mike's Bathtub and Tile Refinishing Co.. Although we have only started our business 4 years ago, our clients in Savannah, GA are mostly impressed by our services.

When you replace your bathtub, you will enjoy the following benefits:


You are now open to many choices. You can opt to have your entire bathroom remodeled. If you do not have enough budget for a remodeling, you can opt to change your shower area only. You can configure a new way to give your bathroom a fresh look. You can also change it according to your need. We can present to you a lot of choices.


Structural Check

When we replace the bathtub, we will also change the surroundings of the bathtub. We will check the subfloor for signs of structural problems. This is normal since the area is wet all the time, the subfloor will eventually happen. If your old bathtub was installed years ago, you can expect some structural problems. Before replacing the bathtub, we will repair the problem first. You will have a better structure, ensuring you will not have problems with your new bathtub.


Cleaner Bathroom

With our 15 years of experience here in the industry, we are no longer surprised if we see a build-up of molds and mildew surrounding your old bathtub. Before installing the new bathtub, we will remove all the molds and mildew first. We will check for rotten wood and damaged tiles as well. We will replace them as well. You will have a cleaner bathroom after the bathtub replacement.


Warranty Protection

Since we are certified installers, the warranty for your new bathtub will be protected. If the bathtub gets damaged within its warranty period, the manufacturer can nullify their warranty if the bathtub was not installed by a certified installer. We are also licensed and accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

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