Beyond Our Tile Installation Services: We Also Refinish and Replace Floors!

Not only is Mike's Bathtub and Tile Refinishing Co. known for the quality tile installation services that we offer in Savannah, GA, but many people also turn to us for our amazing floor refinishing and replacement solutions. You see, we offer more than just basic maintenance services — we specialize in all types of flooring work! If your floors need to be replaced or if you simply want to upgrade your entire flooring system, we’re the experts who can help.

DIY vs. Professional Floor Refinishing

Many property owners choose to tackle the floor refinishing process all by themselves. However, taking the DIY route isn’t always the most practical option, especially if you have little to zero experience in floor refinishing and aren’t sure how it’s done.

Instead of using up so much of your free time trying to learn how to refinish floors on your own, why not reach out to professionals like us? Our flooring experts will do all the hard work and give you your money’s worth. We’ll also make sure that your new floors are expertly installed and that they’re built from high-quality materials that will last for a long time. So, if it’s time to replace or refinish your floors, you know who to call!

We Can Refinish Floors!

Our floor refinishing service uses tried-and-tested techniques that allow us to transform old and damaged floors into something beautiful and valuable. We start by removing the old finish, carefully applying a new layer of finish over it, and curing the mixture according to manufacturer’s instructions. This way, we ensure that our customers get top-notch results without having to worry about their new floors developing flaws after just a few days or weeks. Of course, if your floors are too old or too damaged to repair and refinish, we’ll recommend a complete replacement. Our flooring experts will handle the replacement process from start to finish, and we’ll use world-class flooring materials that will last for many years and add beauty and elegance to your space.

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Get in touch with Mike's Bathtub and Tile Refinishing Co. if you’re looking for experts who specialize in floor replacement and refinishing. Our team is based in Savannah, GA, and we’re always ready to do quality work for our customers. Book an appointment with us now! You can also call our team at (912) 216-0288 to use our top-notch tile installation solutions and other professional solutions.